Saturday, November 16, 2013

FanArt #7 First of the Anubis

To bring this breed of mech into the light more I thought of a adding more to the history... whether it will be accepted as part of this history or a some unofficial spinoff. I don't care. This mech to me is close to my heart...
3056: Not long after Archon-Prince Victor Steiner-Davion takes command of the Federated Commonwealth, a secret Corporation started developing a a stealth light Mech to help with the unorthodox methods of warfare. Although, no official reports have ever been found, it is later suggested that Francis Devanou, whom mysteriously vanished, also a previous collegue of Gittleman; of Fredonian Industrial Technologies, had being developing these mechs.
Although it is unsure of whom provide the funding for this secret enterprise, it is known that only a few prototypes where ever seen behind the scenes of operations of Task Force Serpant & Operation Bulldog. Some even claim that these mechs were first seen trying to prevent the Comstar
vaults from ever being open to the public.
Morgan Hasek-Davion was the only person who tried to expose these covert operation mechs and was later killed because of the knowledge of it.
No House ever identified themselves with these mechs, nor was it ever spoken except in secret as The Anubis "The Keeper of the Dead" Project. It is also rumoured that a covert squad called Nekami used these mech to take out tactical establishments and that the only lead to these unorthodox mechwarrior was what witness's claim to have seen. A few famous bar rumours is that a squad of 6 of these Mechs, on Huntress where used as beacons for Orbital Strikes in which they were well hidden from the enemy, considering that they were right in admidts them. They were later to discover a few remains of what appeared to be a suicide squad. Sadly the chasis of these mechs remains where far too damaged to identify exactly what they were. Until... the Anubis ABS-3L was launched in 3063.
It is speculated that Gittleman, had came across an old damage notebook of his former (missing) collegue Francis Devanou, which had the information of the prototype ABS-A1, which suggests that this variant of mech was 50 tons and only one was constructed due to a few flaws. To Gittleman's
frustration, further information of this prototype is lost on the burnt pages of wind and ash.
Some believe, those found sitting in closets with tin-foil hats, that the Anubis design is due to the resemblance of the Clan Elemental, and that the mighty Horas has come to take them .... to a galaxy furthest away.

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