Sunday, March 9, 2014

FanArt #17 Vulture FWL9L

Free World 9th Legionnaire

FanArt #16 Photoshoped Vulture

Laser burning bright on my vulture.
Vulture Model purchased from Tim Fusco. Thanks Tim.

FanArt #15 Finalisation and Photo-time

After adding the background, a bit of lighting from behind and above, decided to take some good pictures.... limited to the fact that I will get reflections off the glass of the tank. Damn it. notice that I made a mistake with the feet. Oh well, once glued cant undo
Damn Reflection but mounted on the wall the unit.

FanArt #14 a prerun Vulture plus Scenery

Prior to putting everything in tank had to give it a trial run. Before making further mistakes.

FanArt #13 Landscape in a tank

The tank 25x25x30cm
Landscape trees, grass, fluffy stuff that crumbles to pieces at the slightest touch. Blugh hence the tank. Plus saves future cleaning... ie dusting.

FanArt #12 Vulture in the Sunlight

After finishing adding decal, lasers, and touch ups, i figured I will take a picture of it, in direct sunlight of course and unfocused.